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 Football season specials

Whenever there is a football game on tv we offer two great deals, it could be college, or pro, any day of the week, as long as there is a football game on that day you can order the specials all day and night.
The first special is 2 large cheese pizzas for 11.99+tax and at only two dollars more per regular topping, and only 3 dollars more per specialty topping like steak tips or chicken tips, make sure to take advantage of this great deal as often as possible. the second great football special is my favorite, buy a 30 or 45 piece Fresh chicken wings and you will get a free large cheese pizza this is my every game day meal, I recommend the honey bbq fried chicken wings. A big difference between the chicken wings at steves and every other place's, is these are fresh chicken wings not store bought frozen. We feed out customers nothing but the freshest food.

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Steve's Roast Beef, has been serving malden residents delicious pizza and dinner food for over 25 years, in maplewood square. There is comfortable seating to come in and have your lunch or dinner