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Steve's Roast Beef Located in Maplewood square, at the intersection of Salem street and Lebanon street in Malden. We have been serving food to Malden residents for over 25 years now, a true staple in the Malden and surrounding cities communities. We have a large assortment of fresh food, from Italian Pizza with a huge assortment of original toppings, to the best roast beef sandwiches as voted by Boston magazine , onion rings, fresh fried chicken wings, marinated steak tips, lamb tips(suvlaki), and grilled chicken which can be served on a sub roll, or as a dinner with rice or salad.

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Beat the Clock

Beat the clock is a Game we play every Monday. Order a Large Cheese Pizza between 4pm and 7pm on Monday and you pay whatever time it is. for example if you call at 5:30 your Large cheese pizza will be $5.30+tax Toppings are extra.

Free Junior roast beef

Super Tuesday is your chance to get the Best Super roast Beef Sandwich as voted by Boston Magazine, and on top of that you will get a Free Jr. Roast Beef. This special lasts all day and night

PAsta Lovers Day

Wednesday is Pasta Day all Pasta Dinners are 1/2 price.

5 dollar subs on Thursday

Thursday is $5 sub day, all subs are $5.

Open till 2am

Open till 2am



Best  Roast Beef

We only uses the freshest ingredients available, if you order veal your going to get fresh veal not "Real Veal" .

We have fresh seafood delivered and offers some large seafood boxes and plates. We also now offers catering from Boston to Salem NH and The North shore, We also offer a great selection of italian style catering, so if your having a home or office  party, contact us for the freshest food catered.

We often sponsors local sports leagues and teams and ran the concession stand at Trafton park.

Steve's is offering an amazing deal for the 2012-2013 college and pro Basketball season order 2 large cheese pizza's for 11.99 or you can buy a 30 piece or 45 piece fresh deep fried wings not frozen store bought wings, we use fresh chicken wings and deep fry them to order and you also get a free large cheese pizza. This special is only available on days when a College or Pro Basketball game is going to be played.

We are open till 2am EVERY WEEKEND, Steve's is the hot spot for the the best late night food, after clubbing all night, plenty of parking in the rear and delicious food inside.

Local Pizza

Delivering malden and surrounding cities pizza, subs, seafood, and some of the tastiest side orders available anywhere, providing medford pizza, everett catering. When you order Steve's Roast Beef you know your getting the best food around.

We plan to be Malden's preferred pizza establishment for another 25+ years serving residents the freshest foods.